bernina horizontal spool pin

Let me show you how I do it. Working with monofilament nylon thread is easy and is perfect in certain situations. If you have had trouble sewing with it before, try these tips:.

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Make sure you use a good quality monofilament thread. This should eliminate any trouble you may have with brittle thread, breaking, and tangling. All of the nylon thread spools I have seen are straight-wound onto the spool, so you will want to place your spool on a vertical pin on your machine. That way, the spool can turn to let the thread come off. Thread your machine in the normal way, through the tension disks and down through your needle.

Make sure you have a sharp, thin needle—such as a size 70 or Test your tension first on similar fabrics. Adjust your tension down if your top thread nylon is sitting on top of your fabric in a straight line. You want it to be able to go down through the fabric to the wrong side and loop with the cotton bobbin thread. So loosen your top tension. Another tension problem is puckering of the fabrics caused by stretching of the nylon thread.

Again, lowering your top tension will fix this. Sometimes a difference in stitch patterns will require a tension adjustment. To see how I prep pieces, you can visit my website here. When I am hand stitching, I tuck those under as I stitch, but to machine stitch, those need to be tucked under before going to your machine.

Brother Horizonal Spool Pin #XE6425001

Since this thread is straight wound on the spool, I have it sitting on my upright spool pin. I use the Open Embroidery foot 20C—because it is open enough for me to see where the needle is going.I belong to a couple of Facebook groups, and one in particular, for sharing things about this machine. I decided I would write a blog with a bit of humility and a lot of experimenting behind me about how I set my machine up for quilting, because there are a lot of new quilters out there with this machine who seem to have a lot of questions.

Please understand this is how I work best with MY machine, but I thought it might still be of some value to the newer Q20 owners anyway. Just so we are all singing from the same page, I have attached a pdf of the manual for reference:. To me, the greatest thing about this is how much control I have of the stitching. There are quite a few things that make an impact on that…the thread, the needle, the bobbin thread, the bobbin setup, and all the neat settings provided on the machine, and then there is the wonderful kickstart.

I had my machine for about a month before I realized it has programs where you can set up all your top tensions, speeds, and stitch lengths for all the modes and save it see pages I have mine programed for different weights of threads. The fourth one is the default settings, so really there are only three you can set and save, but that seems enough to me. I felt pretty dumb when I found this out, because I was resetting everything every time I turned it on. First see pages in the manual for a discussion of how they see threads and needles, then see my personal preferences chart.

I already had the feet that work with my Q20 see page 22 in the manualmostly because I collected them while I was learning to FMQ on my Bernina LE, and they fit. One of my many practice pieces.

This one shows different thread weights and a little bit of yarn couching.

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I use BSR1 for most of my free motion, BSR2 for my ruler work, and manual sometimes for really tiny tiny fmq and some special threadwork, and even if I spray baste a quilt, I thread baste it with BSR It is true that good results from the various modes take practice both to learn what YOU like and to get the best benefits from the different modes.

I think, in fact, that you need to practice as if you are learning a musical instrument…frequently and for at least a half hour at a time, and every now and then a long period of practice. I periodically make a bunch of 20 inch or so practice sandwiches…marking some with grids, some with stencils, and nothing on some. A practice piece using, surprisingly, polyester satin with wool batting.

The kickstart lets you stitch without your foot on the pedal, but is very easy to start, pause, and stop. When using just the pedal to make it go, it is unlike a regular sewing machine, or the gas pedal on your car.Thread is wound onto spools in one of two ways — stacked thread or cross wound thread.

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Stacked thread is when the thread lays parallel to itself around the spool. Cross wound thread is forms an X around the spool. So what is the big deal you ask? There are a couple things to know about how to position the spool on the sewing machine to achieve the best results. Stacked thread typically comes off the spool best if it is placed on a vertical spool pin. This will result in the spool needing to twist or spin to release the thread.

This allows the thread to come off the spool in the smoothest manor. By placing stacked threads properly on a vertical spool pin will also allow the thread to not get caught in those pesky thread holder grooves carved into the ends of some spools. Spool caps are designed to hold cross-wound spools in place on the horizontal spool pin.

Match up the correct spool cap size with the spool cone end. Spool caps need to be positioned so that no thread can sneak between the cap and the spool and tangle. This will result usually with a broken needle or snapped thread as it becomes super tight. There are a few times when it is best to place a stacked spool on a horizontal spool pin. Again this tangling will lead to a broken needle or snapped thread.

Change these unruly spools to a horizontal spool pin with the proper spool cap.

bernina horizontal spool pin

Thread stands are a wonderful addition to anyones sewing room. These stands allows users to use the larger cones of thread. Most larger thread cones are cross-wound. When placing this cone on a thread stand, the thread will travel upward to the guide at the top of the stand and over to the first guide on the sewing machine.

Though this looks like it is on a vertical spool pin, the thread is actually still unwinding in the same way as it would on a horizontal spool pin. Thread stands are also good for fussy threads like metallics and nylon monofilaments.

By placing these types of threads on a thread stand, it allows time for the thread to relax before it enters the first guide of the sewing machine. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Get Our Weekly Email Newsletter! We Carry.

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The horizontal spool pin is used with metallic threads or thread that does not pull from the top. It mounts to the front laser post. Installation is quick and easy. Just attach it to the threaded opening on top of the machine and tighten the machine nut. Be certain the flat washer is between the nut and the machine before you tighten it.

bernina horizontal spool pin

It's ready for use! This brief video shows the method for installing the horizontal spool pin and machine setup.

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In a few short steps you could own the machine of your dreams with convenient monthly payments and promotional financing. Completing the application will tell you how much credit Synchrony will extend to you. You are not charged until you place an order with SewingMachinesPlus. Add the items you wish to purchase into your shopping cart and submit your order.

An expert sewing consultant will contact you after you place your order to confirm the purchase and complete the financing. Apply Online. Handi Quilter Horizontal Spool Pin. Read More.Also See for Manual - pages. Page of Go. Page 38 - Selecting the stitch plate in the User I Page 82 - Embroidering the embroidery motif Page 83 - Embroidery sequence control when thread Page 87 - Deleting an embroidery motif from the pe Quick Links.

Download this manual See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Also See for Bernina Bernina Manual pages. Automatic zigzag sewing machine with automatic ornamental stitch device 85 pages. Sewing Machine Bernina artista e Brochure Bernina sewing machine brochure 8 pages. Bernette sewing machine instruction manual 52 pages.

For more than years our family company has attached greatest importance to satisfied customers. As for me, it is a matter of personal concern to offer you Swiss development and precision at the height of perfection, future-orientated embroidering technology and a comprehensive customer service.

The supplied accessory can vary depending on the country of delivery. Before using this machine, read instruction manual carefully. Keep the ventilation openings free from the accumulation of lint, dust and loose cloth. Page 11 The symbol may also be marked on the product. It answers the purpose to embroider fabrics and other materials as it is decribed in this instruction manual. Any other use is not considered appropriate. Our experts give valuable tips and explain step by step how you can achieve the desired result.

In the community you can upload your own projects and exchange experiences and ideas with other sewing and embroidering enthusiasts. Page Key To Signs Labels a danger which can end up with damage unless it is avoided. By means of illustration, sample pictures are used in this instruction manual.

The machines as well as the accessory shown in the pictures may vary from the delivery content of your machine. Page Overview Embroidery Module All rights reserved: For technical reasons and for the purpose of product improvements, changes concerning the features of the machine can be made at any time and without advance notice.

Visit www. Accessory box The accessory box serves the purpose to store the supplied accessories as well as the optional accessories. Multiple-spool holder The multiple-spool holder allows a quick access and color change. Do not modify the plug in any way! Accessory box All rights reserved: For technical reasons and for the purpose of product improvements, changes concerning the features of the machine can be made at any time and without advance notice. Embroidery hoop oval, To embroider large embroidery motifs.

Close The window is closed and the previously made adjustments are saved. Therefore it should be replaced regularly. Only a perfect point results in a proper stitch.Skip Navigation Website Accessibility. Call Today Celebrating Our 32nd Year. Bernina Parts. Bernina Dual Feed Board for Bernina Bernette Needle Clamp Bernina 7 Series bobbin Winder Bernina 7 Series Cable Bernina 7 Series Needle Bar Spring Bernina 7 Series Rubber Stop.

Bernina 7 Series Threader Board Bernina 8 Series Tension Spring Bernina Cutting Blade Bernina NG Thread positioner. Bernina Angle Tweezers Bernina Auto Cutter Assembly Complete 7, Bernina Black Cable Bernina Bobbin Case for, 4 series Bernina Bobbin Case Screwdriver Bernina Bobbin Door - Bernina Bobbin Rack 8 Series Bernina bolt 3 series Bernina Buttonhole Sensor Long Bernina cable yellow 8 pole Bernina CFL Light Bernina Clamping Sheet, 8 series Bernina Conclusion Cap White Bernina Cutter Brake 7 Series Bernina Emb Hoop Spring, Inside Bernina Embroidery Hoop nut.

Bernina Flat flex Cable 7 series Bernina Foot Control Cable Set Bernina Ft. Bernina Guide NG Bernina Handwheel Bernina Handwheel Cover Bernina hook deflector plate Bernina Hook Race Cover 7 series Bernina Horizontal Spool Pin.Is your top sewing thread breaking too often? Are you getting tangles or knots in your top thread? Join Laura Stone Roberts to learn the secret of why this is and learn how to determine for yourself which orientation to use with any given quilting project.

Bernina 700 Manual

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bernina horizontal spool pin

We have tested this video successfully. Our video content is best viewed on a computer manufactured in the past few years with a good broadband internet connection not dial up. We highly recommend using the latest version of Firefox or Safari as your Internet browser. Recent versions of Internet Explorer will work, as well.

You will need Adobe Flash Player in order to view the videos. The recommended screen resolution is x or larger. Please make sure your anti-virus software is updated and not blocking this website. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble with accessing the video content and we will perform additional troubleshooting with you by contacting us at I have always determined whether the thread was crosswound or stacked as to whether or not to use the horizontal or vertical pin.

This article discusses this in depth. The method shown by Laura Roberts is a much more accurate way to determine whether or not to use the vertical spool pin or the horizontal one. Thanks for this great video Laura, it was very helpful and informative!! This was very helpful. So glad I watched this! Thank you. It explained a lot to me.

I have a machine now that has both Horizontal and Vertical THread holders. Heather Thomas talks about using torn bits and scraps of leftover fabric on smaller quilting projects to create fun, unique pieces. Laura Roberts teaches you how to cut novelty fabric into little squares and make it into a block.

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She recommends using fabric with motifs that are easy to cut out to make a block, but also shows you how to use stripes, a bias cut strip, a border stripe and templates you may have made. Do you like to keep leftover pieces of fabric in remembrance of a quilt you made that you love?

Erin Russek is the same way and shows you how to make a journal she made to store them. She recommends using Strathmore visual journals because they have a solid cover.

Then take the measurements, put….